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Is Your Pet Suffering?

Pet Healing

Pet Life Activations

The life activation was originally created for humans, but it has been found have huge benefits for animals who receive this healing. The Life Activation turns on the divine blueprint within the DNA to align the recipient with their highest life purpose.

Benefits of Life Activation for Pets

  • Extends life expectancy and improves health
  • Creates more cooperation in pets and eliminates many behavioral issues
  • Creates a deeper bond between pet and their humans
  • Allows a pet’s personality to shine through more clearly
  • Infuses a pet’s body with healing energy to help eliminate sickness and disease

Benefits of Reiki for Pets

  • Promotes deep relaxation for pets with anxiety, stress or a history of abuse
  • Accelerates healing from illness, injury or surgery
  • Provides pain relief and relaxation to support the natural healing process
  • Brings peace to pets nearing the end of life for a peaceful transition

Reiki treatments are safe for all animals and can be combines with traditional medical treatment


LeoNot only did Leo (Cavapoo, 2) benefit from the Reiki Healing that Julie did for him, but it calmed me so powerfully!  It felt amazing to be in the energy that Julie creates. Julie is so loving, gentle, fun and skilled.

We also really appreciated the insight that Julie gave us into Leo’s thoughts, feelings & memories, and into his health. Her tips for addressing his ear itching were really helpful.
We look forward to having her back for more healing and insight!!
Leo’s Mom

Is your pet in pain or suffering from anxiety?

Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese word which means universal life energy. Reiki is a natural way to help pets of all sizes feel better.

Julie LeBriton is a certified Life Activation and Jikiden Reiki Practitioner. She believes that all living creatures should have the opportunity to live in JOY!

Contact Julie to schedule an appointment:
(239) 218-5974