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Sacred Geometry 2

This is the second class of 13 sacred geometry classes that are offered by the Mystery school.
In this class we learn;

  • Healing modalities using crystals
  • Crystal Forms
  • How to care for your crystals
  • How to create Crystal Grids in your home
  • And More

Below is an explanation of crystal grids

Crystal grids

Crystal grids use the energy focusing properties of quartz crystals to create and hold an energetic perimeter. The installation process uses techniques handed down from teachings established in the temple of King Solomon. The configuration and verbiage used are specific to each type of grid that is used. The people installing these grids have had the sacred geometries inscribed inside their aura which grants them the authority and ensures proper training to perform the installation. Energy from the source is captured in the grid perimeter and held in place by the crystalline structures. As long as the crystals are not disturbed or shielded with lead, it will maintain the vibrational frequency associated with the intent of the grid design. The common grid structures available are for protection (general), manifestation (abundance), bringing in the divine energies (relationship strengthening), and specifically calling in God for protection.
These crystals grids have been used in the building of cathedrals and for many of the buildings built in the 1800’s in Washington D.C. Leonardo da Vinci used this technique zealously throughout his life.
This class lasts about 8 hours and consists of teaching, and hands on practical experience.
At the end of this class you will be able to offer these techniques for your friends, family and clients.

Class Length: Full Day

Energy Exchange $250 and includes manual and basic healing crystals.