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12 Races of the Earth

Humans and our Elemental Neighbors – Elves, Faeries, Mermaids, Gypsies, Vampires and more!

Today we live in a world where the old mythology is coming back to life – in the most popular of Books, TV, & Film we are seeing a re-emergence of the old people….the Elves, Faeries, Mermaids, Gypsies, Vampires and others. Is this all fantasy or is it something more?

Mystery Schools have always known about these other beings, sometimes referred to as the ‘Elemental’ people.

12 Root Races

On this planet there are many other intelligent beings besides the Human race. There are actually Twelve Races that live and breathe on this planet and many are living within our societies, knowing exactly what they are, and hiding within plain sight. In the past, these beings lived openly and in harmony with Humans each serving a purpose that benefited the evolution of humanity.

With the development of ‘civilized’ human society, the very
survival of these other races required them to hide and
protect themselves from us.

But now as the veils are thinning, and our awareness of
these other races is increasing again, members of these
races have begun to tentatively interact with us once more.
They are emerging, and while we might not know it on
a conscious level, the signs are all around us. In recent
years many sightings of these beings have also increased.

In this full-day class you will learn:

  • Who and what these other races are
  • How they assist humanity
  • What their purpose is in the evolution of the planet
  • The truth about how they live and the myths that are false
  • How we can respectfully & safely get to know them
  • About some of the fascinating experiences we’ve had with these other races.

Class Length: 3 hours

Energy Exchange: $150

The magick of life is reawakening all around us.

This class will reveal to you the secret power of connecting with these ancient races of the planet. You can use that power to strengthen your own life, heightening your creativity and passion.