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King Salomon Healing Modality

The King Salomon Healing Modality is a series of ten sessions of healing, each session lasting 2 hours and done every 7 to 10 days. Profound, transformative, affording the highest level of healing. Below please find a brief description.

Starseed Healing

A Galactic Healing

  • Totally cleans the system energetically including chakras and layers of energy on the body
  • Redirects otherwise lost vibrations in the body, corrects vibrational state of the body
  • For a period of time it cleans out mind clutter
  • Re-calibrates frequency down to the cellular/DNA level
  • Helps to awaken the body to its natural harmonic state
  • May be used to bring energy in or pull disease out
  • Connects you in a galactic way to all living things

The Starseed is very calming and very good if you have been doing a lot of emotional release work, especially if you are in the middle of it and you think it will never end.

Tree of Life Healing

How do you experience the energy coming in when you study with the mystery school? It comes in either unbalanced or balanced which means we are not in alignment with God and thus our lives are not working as well, we do not have traction in our lives, we do not have the fulfillment that the soul requires. What we will be doing is awaking the energy into the aura, and you will get a new sense of traction in your life. The tree of life is constantly evolving just like we are and there are ten receptacles that the energy flows into.

Ensof sends in the light to Kether where it flows through the tree and is manifest in Malkuth. The light is formless as it comes in and as it travels through the tree it begins to gain form and substance and in Yesod the last place Sephora before Malkuth sits the blueprint for all things so that Manifestation can happen. This is a system whereby we can truly manifest in all places in our lives. This healing awakens these spheres within you so that you can access these energies. This one hour awakens more than a year of study with a traditional Kabbalah center, not the MMS ascension program. This is excellent to do before Kabbalah or between K1 AND K2

This allows us to wake up to the energies of Malkuth. We can now actualize all of our potentials, we bring God into the physical, and this healing opens up this ability for us. The DNA will start relaxing and unwinding, opening up. We are going to charge and wake up the 10 aspects of God, there will be ten lights kind of like a Christmas tree lit up on your body.

Unified Chakra Healing

A Galactic Healing

  • Unifies all the energies of the light body in the physical
  • Increases your ability to flow in all areas of your life
  • Creates a greater level of peace and well being
  • Eases symptoms of depression
  • Begins to light up 2418 chakras in your body

Seal of Salomon Healing

This modality is used to heal the seven directions. This is the seal of our destiny, the seal of all human beings on the planet, the seal of our race. This part of King Salomon Healing Modality is the one he himself preferred and it is said that by using this healing on an enemy’s son he saved a kingdom.

  • Restores reverence for the God above
  • Restores reverence for the God within
  • Restores reverence for life
  • Increases peace of mind
  • Brings calmness and peace
  • Heals the imbalance between the physical body and the soul
  • Supports a sensation from within for the importance of life’s purpose
  • Correspond to the 12 parts of the tree of life, astrological signs, 12 physical dimensions, represent 12 rays of light.

Tone Healing

Balance and create flow in the chakras

  • Crown Chakra – soul purpose link with God
  • Third eye – psychic abilities, balance between spiritual will and love
  • Throat – creative expression Heart – Healing ability, immune system energies, love
  • Solar Plexus – Creative energy, hidden intelligence, intellectual mind, balance between feelings and thoughts
  • Hara – Health, Intuition
  • Root – Creation, bringing in spiritual energies and manifestation

Allows us to hear clear information from our soul

Aura Healing

The aura has seven layers to it and each layer has a certain quality. Actual healing only takes place in the first three layers of the aura. These layers are located closest to the physical body.

  • The first layer is the ultimate balance of all things
  • The second layer is the vitality of and for life
  • The third layer is intuition and intellect

Black spots, holes and other issues in the aura especially in the first three layers can have a serious impact on our quality of life. Black spots are often associated with emotional trauma and physical health issues.

The aura healing corrects and heals the aura.

Negative Energy Healing

This healing cleans and purifies the aura of any negative energies.

Etheric Body Healing

The etheric energy body holds all traumas, memories and wounds that have affected the physical body. This healing clears out these traumas and works with healing the inner child, soul body, emotional body, and physical senses.

Mental Body Healing

This healing deals with the human mind, it is a pure healing modality that heals the mind, reduces mental distress and afford peace of mind.

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