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Monthly Healing Day-Open House

Negative Energy Removal

Clears Psychic and Mental Blocks, allowing you to be more in control of your life. Thoughts are things, and other people’s thoughts about you can affect your life, for better or worse. A negative “effect” can be as little as intentional negative thoughts directed toward you by another person, such as someone swearing at you during rush hour traffic, or as much as an outright curse or psychic attack. These negative energies directed at you can result in interferences in your life that can slow you down or even make you feel like things are stacked against you. In this simple but powerful process, all negative energies are reversed, cleared, and sent back to where they came from, to be used in accordance to the light.

Clearing away the interference from other people’s negative thoughts and projections towards us in appropriate for anyone, and is something we recommend everyone to consider receiving regularly.

Emotional Cord Cutting

Breaking the Cycle of Negative Emotional Connections.

Cords form energetic links between you and another person. They allow your energy to flow from you to someone else. Although some cords with children and spouses are appropriate, there are cords that we can have that are imbalanced energetically through negative emotions that are unhealthy for us. These negative cords can form when we have traumatic experiences, or from a sense of betrayal, guilt, blame, anger, depression, or attachment of any kind.

When a cord has formed between two people, energy flows between each other even if you are no longer in the other person’s life or within physical proximity. If negative emotional patterns are associated with that relationship, person, or experience, your energy and life force can become drained and depleted, keeping you stuck in the patterns of your past. These cords last 7 years upon the last contact with the person, and this person keeps returning to your life because you are corded and in turn creates cycles which are hard to break. The cord cutting breaks this cycle.

Once your cords are cut through this process, you are free to reconnect with those who are important to you! As a result, you can establish your current relationships on a new and healthier level, with new energy and focus.

Purification by Light

A Cleansing Shower for your Aura!

This session clears away any debris or unwanted energies in your aura. This is a powerful way to get to a shower of light blasting impurities away from you. You will feel like a pressure has lifted and you can see more clearly.

Additional Services

  • Light Infusion (for those who have previously received a Life Activation)
  • Crystal Readings
  • Tarot Readings


The Healing Day-Open House takes place on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. Please check the calendar as dates sometimes change due to holidays and programs.

Services are discounted to $30 each. Combine 3 or more for a reduced price of $25 each. Services and pricing may vary.