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Advanced Spiritual Healing and Training
to Awaken and Develop Your Highest Potential

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Advanced Spiritual Healing and Training to Awaken and Develop Your Highest Potential

The Journey Begins Now

Where do you want to go in life? Who do you want to be? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? What is it you wish to create? What do you want to experience?

Welcome to Limitless Light

We invite you to take your destiny into your own hands and determine the outcome of your story. You are the writer, director, and lead character of your Life’s Journey. We invite you to learn the tools of empowerment so that you can create what you desire. You and you alone can determine how you use them and what path you follow in this grand adventure of life.

Meet the Team

Barbara Segura

Senior Guide

Barbara Segura is a Senior Guide, Ordained minister, Celtic Shaman, Healer, Magus Hermeticus and a member of the Lumbee Indian Tribe. She has dual degrees in Psychology and Biology, and is certified in numerous healing modalities including Life Activation, Full Spirit Activation, Advanced Jikiden Reiki, Ensofic Reiki™, King Salomon Healing Modalities, Etheric Reconstruction, Negative Energy Removal and more. She is a certified instructor for numerous classes including Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel, Meditation, Empower Thyself and more. It was Barbara’s lifelong desire to help people heal themselves spiritually, emotionally and physically. After much searching and study she found the Modern Mystery School and discovered, through this lineage and teachings, the most advanced tools to help people heal, to truly stand in their own power and learn how to live a life of Joy.

(239) 821-3601
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Julie LeBriton


Julie LeBriton is a Guide, Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Advanced Jikiden Reiki and Ensofic Reiki™ Practitioner, Ritual Master, Ordained Minister, Initiated Celtic Shaman, Teacher and Healer. Julie’s mission in life is to help shift the collective consciousness by anchoring love and light starting in our community of Naples, Florida. She received her training through The Modern Mystery School in Toronto, Canada. As she continues to learn more healing and clearing modalities she is honored to bring these home to you.

(239) 218-5974
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Heather Davis Desrocher


Heather Davis Desrocher is a Guide, Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Ritual Master, Ordained Minister, Initiated Celtic Shaman and Healer. She has degrees in Sociology and Education and is certified in numerous healing modalities including Ensofic Reiki™ and Negative Energy Removal. Heather received her training through The Modern Mystery School in Toronto, Canada where she continues to study Metaphysics and learn advanced healing and clearing modalities. It is Heather’s mission to help others heal in mind, body & spirit.

(239) 784-4580
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The Modern Mystery SchoolThe Modern Mystery School

Limitless Light is an affiliated light center with The Modern Mystery School. The Modern Mystery School is located in over 56 countries and is dedicated to bringing higher esoteric and metaphysical teachings from the lineage of King Salomon to the general public.

The Modern Mystery School has been likened to a university for the soul, where the curriculum focuses on awakening and developing your highest potential, and on attaining divine awareness. Beyond merely teaching, the Modern Mystery School helps students refine conscious potential, build focus, and activate their innate powers through a series of programs, classes, initiations, ceremonies, and sacred meditations.

Modern Mystery School Classes

Empower Thyself

Empower Thyself brings you to a higher level of knowledge and understanding of the true mysteries. It enlightens the mind, transforms the soul, and gives you tools you can use daily to empower yourself (hence the name) and create abundance in your life.

Specialty Classes

Letting Go of Your Negative Ego

Everyone experiences some form of negative emotions, be it depression, anger, frustration, self-doubt, jealousy or guilt. These emotions are a drain on your energy and stand in the way of you living a happy and successful life.

Kabbalah Ascension Program

The Universal Kabbalah began in the ancient world and has been with us from the beginning of human history. The word Kabbalah means “to receive” or “that which is received.” In particular, it refers to an ancient tradition of knowledge passed down from a higher source, such as Spirit. This knowledge, along with practical techniques for integration and application are then handed down orally through a lineage of Kabbalists, from teacher to student, such that the unfoldment of each individual is realized.

The Max Meditation System™

A simple and effective way to meditate. For the beginner, the techniques are so effective that it will amaze you how easy it is to meditate. For the more experienced meditation practitioner, this system can enhance your existing practice!

Get Ready to Transform Your Life

Stop by and see us! We are open day and evening hours by appointment. Schedule a free consultation to take the first step towards transforming your life. We also offer weekly classes and meditations. Check out our calendar for the full schedule.

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