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Life Activation

The Life Activation turns on the dormant divine blueprint within your DNA to align yourself to your highest life purpose. This technique was created by the world’s shamans and healers who met with King Salomon 3000 years ago. Their goal was to find the system that worked for all humans from every ethnicity and belief system. Today’s certified practitioners are taught in the same oral tradition, delivering the power and tradition that comes with this ancient lineage. This is your first step on a path of progression into the Lineage of King Salomon.


Acceleration in Your Life
The Life Activation assists in growth and learning, and gives you access to the roadmap inside you. You begin to move through life with increased speed.

Personal Breakthroughs
You can begin to shift those things that hinder you from growth and success in life, assisting you to break old, unhealthy patterns.

Strengthening of Relationships
The Life Activation helps you to connect to others in a positive and beneficial way and enables the creation of honest and healthy relationships.

Experiencing Abundance
All the resources we could ever want or need are available to use right here, right now. The Life Activation helps you to access that flow in life that contains the true source of abundance.

Health Improvement
It strengthens your immune system and helps you push through not only emotional and mental blocks, but physical ones as well.

Expanding Your Ability To Shine
The Life Activation literally infuses your body with pure Light! Having this most precious resource inside of you allows you to spread hope, joy, peace, and love to everyone with whom you interact. This truly inspires you to go further and reach as high as you dare.

This 22-strand DNA Activation awakens your divine blueprint and heightens your connection with your Higher Self. It also enables you to bring in and hold more Light (positive energy) in your physical body. It empowers you to maximize your potential to bring forth unrealized talents and abilities and gives you more energy and clarity. It begins a process of releasing unconscious patterns (old emotional traps we fall into) while increasing your ability to use more of your brain.  It clears family and genetic karmic patterns.

The Life Activation session typically lasts 1.5 hours and includes Purificato and Crystalis drops. Session Cost: $250