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Ensofic Reiki Training


Ensofic Reiki™ Training 


The Ensofic Ray Healing Modalities are one of the best kept secrets in the Mystery School! The healing modality creates magick & miracles and was first anchored on the planet by Jesus the Christ but we have only been ready to start working with it in the last few years. These are the healings that Barbara Segura received in her journey with cancer.


Ensofic Reiki™ Fundamental (Level 1)   

Receive the core teachings to use the Ensofic Ray straight away on the physical body to shift physical conditions for others and for yourself! 

Friday, July 7 & Saturday, July 8

10 am – 7 pm 

Prerequisite: Life Activation 

Cost: $900 (before June 16th), $1000 (after June 16th)

Deposit: $400 

Balance due: June 30th 


Ensofic Reiki™ Intermediate (Level 2)   

Learn how to send this healing over a distance! Also, receive a POWERFUL tool to completely shift bad habits and thinking patterns for yourself and others. 

Sunday, July 9, 10 am – 7 pm (may be later)

Prerequisite: Empower Thyself Class (available in June)

Ensofic Reiki™ Fundamental (Level 1)   

Cost: $600 (before June 16th), $650 (after June 16th)

Deposit: $300

Balance due: June 30th 

 For more information or to register, please contact:

Heather Desrocher

heather@limitlesslight.com or 239.784.4580




Interview with Barbara about her healing:


For more info on Ensofic Ray: